Call for Proposal: “Taiwan Green Ribbon – Let’s plant trees in Kenya!”

This is an open announcement of invitation to submission of proposals for “Taiwan Green Ribbon – Let’s plant trees in Kenya!” project.

EQPF Taiwan is a non-governmental organization established in 1984 with the core belief that the quality of our environment directly impacts our well-being and livelihood. We believe the most effective way to improve environmental quality is through public supervision, education, and participation. The main topics we have been dedicating to are climate change, forestation and participation to international communities.

The purpose of this project is to re-forest the land of Kenya to reach the requirement of 10% forest cover target according to the Constitution of Kenya (2010), to rehabilitate water catchment areas, to mitigate and adapt to climate change effects, to facilitate the people’s livelihoods and environmental education in Kenya as well as to consolidate the amity of people from both Kenya and Taiwan.

Any groups conformed with the following eligibility are welcome to submit proposals

  • All applicants must be registered organizations in Kenya which fall within the following 5 groups: forest communities, professional associations, educational institutes, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and co-operative societies. A valid registered certificate must be presented;
  • All applicants must have an activated bank account;
  • All applicants must be currently active in tree planting activities within Kenya;

This CfP is attached as below.

Please submit the proposal(s) and all supporting materials prior to 20 February 2013. The submission shall be by e-mail only.

For further information or questions, please contact:

Ms. Lucy Huang:

OR check our Taiwan Green Ribbon website (sorry we only have Chinese version):

EQPF Taiwan reserves the right to amend the CfP by addendum before the final proposal submittal date. Responses should be submitted in accordance with the instructions set forth in the CfP  It is the proposer’s responsibility to check for addenda to this CfP and comply with new or revised requirements that may be stated herein.

(Call for Proposal.pdf )