City Park: Private developers put on notice


The National Land Commission has signaled its intention to repossess illegally acquired City Park land from private developers. In a notice that appeared in one of the local dailies on July 10, the commission expressed its desire to revoke 14 ‘illegal’ title deeds to land belonging to the park. It further states that the said pieces of public land were obtained or granted in an illegal manner.

The conclusion by the commission follows findings of an investigation it conducted into the ownership of the affected parcels of land. According to the notice, the investigation involved examination of various land records in its possession and site visits.  

Holders of the titles in question have been given 14 days from the date of the notice to appear and make submissions to the commission before it makes any determination.

Under the National Land Commission Act 2012, the commission is mandated to carry out investigations into grants and dispositions of titles.

Nature Kenya, through Friends of City Park, has been championing for the conservation of the park. It features 60 hectares of green space, botanical gardens and a few remaining intact portions of the rich indigenous forest that once extended over much of Nairobi and beyond.

City Park has for years provided city residents and foreign tourists a rare chance to explore and appreciate the richness and the beauty of a natural heritage that has largely disappeared elsewhere in Nairobi.