About Membership

Nature Kenya is a membership organization and derives its strength from the support of members. With your membership support, we will be able to carry out programmes in Environmental Education and Awareness, Advocacy, Monitoring, Community Conservation and Livelihoods across the country. As most of our natural areas are in serious long-term decline you can help stop these trends and avert such a future, before time runs out. By acting today, by joining Nature Kenya, you will be helping people, as we are also affected by the quality of our environment. 


Membership benefits:

  1. Being part of a community for the study and conservation of nature
  2. Free publications, including monthly Nature Net newsletter – available by post or e-mail –  and annual Kenya Birding magazine
  3. Free entry to National Museums and sites throughout Kenya
  4. Free access to the outstanding Nature Kenya and National Museums research Library in Nairobi
  5. Opportunities to participate in field trips, such as the famous Wednesday Morning Birdwalks
  6. Opportunities to take part in citizen science including waterbird counts and common bird monitoring
  7. Opportunities to join groups with special interests,  including Fish, Insects, Plants, Mammals, Birds, Reptiles  and Amphibians, Habitat Restoration, Succulent Plants, Policy and Legislation and Youth. Or volunteer with the Friends of City Park or Friends of Nairobi Arboretum.
  8. Opportunities to access or subscribe to nature journals and magazines, including the Journal of East Afrcan Natural History, World Birdwatch, African Bird Club  Bulletin and Scopus (ornithological journal).

How to Join
Nature Kenya has different membership subscription categories. Membership types and annual costs are:

  • Full member (Individuals) KES 2,000 or US$ 40
  • Sponsor Member KES 6,000 or US$ 90
  • Family Member KES 2,800 or US$45
  • Corporate Member KES 20,000 or  US$ 300
  • Corporate Plus KES 30,000 or US$ 450

Payment Options Visit the Nature Shop to Subscribe

  • Credit card (Internationally and Locally)
  • M-pesa
  • Cheque made out to “Nature Kenya” (Local subscription only)
  • Direct Debit (Locally only)
  • Cash by visiting the Nature Kenya office at the Nairobi National Museums Compound.