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About Us

Nature Kenya—the East Africa Natural History Society (EANHS)—is Africa’s oldest environmental Society. It was established in 1909 to promote the study and conservation of nature in eastern Africa. Nature Kenya mission is  to  "connect nature and people" to take action for biodiversity conservation. ………..read more


Tana Delta’s only community owned cattle dip now operational

Pastoralist communities residing in Walkon now have a reason to smile following the inauguration of a newly constructed cattle dip in the area. The dip has a volume of 16,000 litres with a capacity to handle over 120 heads of cattle per hour,

Communities take action for the environment in Dakatcha Woodland

Over 60,000 seedlings have been grown by at least 11 trained CBOs in Dakatcha Woodland In a bid to curb the increasing footprint on our biodiversity



Kakamega launches the first County State of Environment Report

Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya launches  the first county State of Environment Report prepared under the devolved governance system in the country.



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