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About Us

Nature Kenya—the East Africa Natural History Society (EANHS)—is Africa’s oldest environmental Society. It was established in 1909 to promote the study and conservation of nature in eastern Africa. Nature Kenya mission is  to  "connect nature and people" to take action for biodiversity conservation. ………..read more


Over 3,000 indigenous trees planted to conserve Taita Hills forests

Ongoing efforts to restore degraded parts of Taita Hills forests saw over 3,000 indigenous seedlings being planted in parts of four affected forests in the month of December last year.


Large vulture poisoning incident on ADC Mutara

Four cows were attacked by lions on ADC.  Herders then drove the rest of the livestock away, but poisoned the carcasses of 3 cows.  No lions or hyenas were reported poisoned, but at the immediate scene 32 vultures (White-backed and Ruppell's) were dead.

Killing the Goose that lays the Golden Eggs

Nairobi National Park is valuable beyond estimation. Each day it provides economic, social and environmental services, like the proverbial goose that laid a golden egg each day.




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