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About Us

Nature Kenya—the East Africa Natural History Society (EANHS)—is Africa’s oldest environmental Society. It was established in 1909 to promote the study and conservation of nature in eastern Africa. Nature Kenya mission is  to  "connect nature and people" to take action for biodiversity conservation. ………..read more


New Migratory Birds Flyway Observatory Site launched at Tugumoi

The Tugumoi Ridge Flyway Observatory Site, the first of its kind in Kenya, offers vantage points for observing migratory birds as they make their way across the Kerio Valley. A flyway is a flight path used by birds during migration. Flyways generally span continents and often oceans. In the Rift Valley, the flyway becomes tunnel-like and birds use it to fly towards the Mau Escarpment and Lake Nakuru. Among the birds that sail on the flyway are Lesser Kestrels, European Honey Buzzards, Common (Steppe) Buzzards, Steppe Eagles, White Storks and Woolly-necked Storks.

Formation of Tana River Delta Community Forest Association Underway

The Kenya Forest Service (KFS) has identified Nature Kenya to play a role in the formation of a Community Forest Association (CFA) at the Tana River Delta. In recognition of its engagement with the communities at the Tana Delta, KFS, through a letter, has invited Nature Kenya, among other conservation organizations, to assist in the establishment of the Tana Delta Community Forest Association. The association will oversee the sustainable management of over 70,000 hectares of gazetted community forestland.

Farmers and Pastoralists in Tana River Delta Working Together to Create Wealth

Development (UK Aid), initiated a program that sought to improve livelihoods of six villages, namely - Wema, Hewani, Moa, Walkon, Onkolde and Ozi ­ at the Tana River Delta by at least 30 per cent by March 2013. Crop farming was the main activity targeted in Wema and Hewani villages that are largely inhabited by the Pokomo community.

The main intervention strategy in the two villages was through agricultural training, and the establishment of the Farmers Field School (FFS) was one of the approaches that proved to be very successful. Many farmers have replicated skills learnt at the FFS. Some members Orma and Wardei communities, who are traditionally pastoralists, have even developed a keen interest in crop farming and are now actively engaged in cultivation.


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